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Sales Proposals

Sales Proposals

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For most purchases of any size a buyer will usually want something in writing before making their decision (ex to show their decision maker or simply to substantiate what the sales person has told them). Sometimes a prospect will contact the sales organisation with an invitation to tender, which must be in writing and delivered in a certain format by a certain date. Sales organisations generally have a standard sales proposal which only requires the changing of the prospect’s name, but there are times when the sales person may need to spend considerable time and effort to produce a carefully crafted and individually focused proposal (some sales companies have teams dedicated to producing large, detailed proposals).


• Develop a modern sales proposal
• Design and graphic
• Structure depending on customer style, behaviour and position
• Deliver a sales proposal
• Evaluate a sales proposal


• Presentation Skill
• Communicatio
• Public Speaking
• Attention to detail
• Managing emotion
• Creativity


• Case Study
• Collaboration
• Work in small groups
• Gamification
• Feedback
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