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Emotional & Social Inteligence (ESI)

Emotional & Social Inteligence (ESI)

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Audience: All departments
Skill Type: Future business skill
Tutor: Ms. Alina Ghetu
Tutor's Experience: 5 Years in Course Design, Training, Mentoring and Facilitating
Certificate: Accredited Facilitator
Duration: 3/4 Weeks
Group Live Sessions: 3
One2One Live Sessions: 1
During this course, we will discuss how emotional and social intelligence is important for professional success.
Social and emotional intelligence (ESI) is defined as the ability to recognize and manage human behaviors, moods, and impulses in accordance with a variety of circumstances. This course will help you develop the emotional and social intelligence you need in the workplace.
To increase professional effectiveness, we will discuss how stress can affect emotional and social intelligence skills, along with action steps to take in order to build connections and relationships.

1. To define emotions, Social & Emotional Intelligence (ESI)
2. To distinguish emotional intelligence from other forms of
3. To list the criticality of social & emotional intelligence in work, life andrelationships
4. To raise personal awareness
5. To positively reframe our perspective of people and situations in order to operate and adapt more positively
6. To recover from negative experiences with people and
situations quicker
7. To increase awareness of others and social situations
8. To enhance working and personal relationships with others
9. To build a mental mechanism of success in work, life and
relationships for the future



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