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Data Literacy

Data Literacy

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Audience: All departments
Skill Type: Future business skill
Tutor: Ms. Alina Ghetu
Tutor's Experience: 5 Years in Course Design, Training, Mentoring and Facilitating
Certificate: Accredited Facilitator
Duration: 3/4 Weeks
Group Live Sessions: 3
One2One Live Sessions: 1

Improve decision-making skills by learning to ask the right questions from your data, interpret your findings, and take informed action. Data literacy is no longer just a nice to have skill for business teams, it’s key to growth. And bridging the gap between data and business teams to improve data literacy across the organization starts at the top. Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, analyze, manage, and act on data


•Understanding Data
•Finding and Obtaining Data
•Make data-based decisions rather than experience or intuition-based ones
•Understand data visualizations


•Attention to details
•Track and measure Data
•Develop a data literacy vision


•Constructive Feedback
•Case Study
•Virtual Learning Environment

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