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Challenger Sale

Challenger Sale

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Change the paradigm from selling to creating the environment of buying by moving from addressing needs to identify key industry core challenges and co-create solutions.


Sales Executives
Sales Managers
Account Managers


• Remote Selling using the Challenger Sale Methodology - “Explore, analyze and present industry insights.”
• Own Business Value “Your Core Beliefs of Own Business Value”
• Building Concepts for Remote Selling - “The ability to identify route cause factors of key issues within the industry and build a concept solution which addresses them.”
• The Truth is an Emotion -”Develop presentation skills to be able to present in flow qualitive and complex data”.


• Organize data in flow
• TED Talks Techniques to present in flow
• Mastering emotions
• Key wording
• Building industry insights
• Challenger Sales vs Challenger Personality
• Creating Concept


• Gamification
• Role Play
• Case Study
• Mind Mapping
• Debrief

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