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Advanced Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations

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Immersive and highly interactive workshop designed exclusively for sales professionals who engage in complex and high-stakes negotiation

Mastering Advanced Negotiations is an immersive and highly interactive workshop designed exclusively for sales professionals who engage in complex and high-stakes negotiations.

This comprehensive program draws inspiration from the renowned negotiating techniques of Chriss Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator known for his exceptional skills in navigating difficult and challenging situations. This workshop provides participants with practical tools, strategies, and insights to elevate their negotiation prowess and achieve optimal results in their sales endeavors.

Through a combination of theoretical concepts, real-world case studies, and engaging role-playing exercises, attendees will develop a deep understanding of the art and science of negotiation.

Throughout the workshop, participants will explore various advanced negotiation techniques, including tactical empathy, calibrated questioning, labeling, and mirroring. These proven methods, derived from real-life hostage negotiations and adapted for sales professionals, empower attendees to build rapport, uncover hidden needs and motivations, and exert influence in even the most challenging negotiation scenarios. In addition to honing their negotiation skills, participants will explore the crucial role of emotional intelligence in negotiations.

Participants will develop greater self-awareness, emotional control, and the ability to accurately interpret and manage emotions during high-pressure situations. By understanding the impact of emotions on the negotiation process, attendees will gain a competitive edge and enhance their ability to navigate complex deals with confidence.

  • Tactical Empathy

    Building Rapport for Successful NegotiationsParticipants will learn the art of tactical empathy, a powerful technique used in hostage negotiations, to establish rapport and foster a positive relationship with counterparts. This skill enhances communication, trust, and understanding, leading to more successful negotiations.

  • Advanced Questioning Strategies

    Uncovering Hidden Needs and MotivationsThis segment focuses on advanced questioning techniques that enable participants to delve deeper into the needs, motivations, and underlying interests of the other party. Through calibrated questioning and active listening, attendees can uncover crucial information and leverage it to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • Emotional Intelligence in Negotiations

    Harnessing Emotional Control and InfluenceEmotional intelligence plays a crucial role in negotiations. Participants will gain insights into managing their own emotions and accurately interpreting the emotions of others during high-pressure situations. By mastering emotional control and influence, attendees can navigate challenging negotiations with poise and effectiveness.

  • Persuasive Communication

    Crafting Compelling Value PropositionsEffective communication is key to successful negotiations. In this module, participants will learn techniques to craft persuasive value propositions, deliver impactful messages, and influence decision-making. Through practical exercises and feedback, attendees will refine their communication skills to drive superior outcomes in negotiations.


Active Listening

Developing the ability to listen attentively, interpret verbal and non-verbal cues, and gain a deeper understanding of the other party's perspectives and underlying needs.

Effective Questioning

Mastering the art of asking strategic and insightful questions to gather information, uncover hidden agendas, and drive the negotiation towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

Assertiveness and Confidence

Building the confidence to assertively communicate interests, articulate value propositions, and advocate for desired outcomes without compromising the relationship.

Emotional Control

Developing emotional resilience and the ability to manage emotions effectively during negotiations, ensuring clear thinking and maintaining a professional demeanor.


Cultivating the flexibility to adapt negotiation strategies and approaches based on the specific circumstances, personalities, and negotiation styles encountered.

Influence and Persuasion

Learning influential techniques and persuasive communication strategies to effectively convince and motivate the other party to consider and accept proposed solutions.

Problem-Solving and Creativity

Enhancing problem-solving skills to identify win-win solutions, explore creative options, and overcome obstacles in complex negotiation scenarios.

Creating Concepts

The ability to create and communicate compelling concepts that address customer needs and challenges, providing unique and valuable solutions.


The Advanced Negotiations workshop employs a range of experiential methods to create an immersive and practical learning environment. Participants engage in role-playing exercises, stepping into realistic negotiation scenarios to practice applying the techniques and strategies learned. Real-world case studies encourage analysis and discussion, enabling participants to propose strategies and learn from each other's perspectives. Facilitated group discussions and debates foster idea exchange and challenge assumptions, while feedback and reflection sessions allow participants to receive constructive input and refine their skills. Interactive exercises and simulations simulate high-pressure negotiations, providing a controlled environment to practice decision-making and experience complex dynamics firsthand. Through these experiential methods, participants actively apply concepts, receive feedback, and enhance their negotiation skills in a supportive and engaging setting.

Lead Tutor - Mrs. Madalina Vechiu

Madalina Vechiu is a highly experienced CEO with over 18 years of expertise in the Sales and Education industries.She specializes in various topics such as Telesales, Buyer Behavior, Challenger Sales, Sales Cycle, Neuroscience, and Sales Instinct/Intentionality.

Madalina has collaborated in sales transformational projects with several renowned companies including Servier Pharma, Leo Pharma, Orange, Coca-Cola, Oracle, Amway, Nordic Group, 2CheckOut, and Sodexo in sales transformation projects.

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