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Negotiations - 6 Weeks Program, Starting Mar 24

Negotiations - 6 Weeks Program, Starting Mar 24

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Equip people with negotiation skills to grow the efficiency and the productivity in interactions with customers.


Sales Executives
Sales Managers
Account Managers


• Understand the neuroscience of Fear
• Understand the Difference between Knowing and Applying Negotiation, EQ and SQ
• Understanding the PIE Negotiation Principle
• The tactical approach in building a solid argument
• The Power of NO, The Power of the Open Question, Negotiation Alternatives
• Discover what are customers typologies and learn how to use questions to profile each customer based on buying drivers .
• Negotiations techniques from Chriss Voss


• Persuasion
• Negotiation Tactics
• Active Listening
• Curiosity


• Role Play
• Gamification
• Group Coaching
• Debrief

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