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ISM Level 7 pentru C-Levels

ISM Level 7 pentru C-Levels

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Diploma ISM Nivel 7
Nivel: 7/7
Public: VP vânzări, director general, director general, directori generali
Tip de abilitate: Moale și Tare
Tutore: Multiplu
Experiența tutorelui: +20 de ani de experiență în managementul afacerilor
Certificat: Diploma ISM în Management
Durată: 1 an
Sesiuni live de grup: 15
Sesiuni live One2One: La cerere, câte sunt necesare

De gestionare a operațiunilor
Planificare strategica
Management financiar
Managementul resurselor umane
Managementul marketingului

HR Acumen
Perspectivă de marketing
Finanțe Acumen

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Diploma de calificare internațională ISM

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ISM Diploma in Advanced Strategic Sales Management (Level 7) is an intensive program designed to elevate the expertise of seasoned sales professionals to the pinnacle of their careers. Building upon the comprehensive foundation provided at Level 6, this advanced level delves deeper into the intricacies of sales management, strategic planning, and leadership.

At Level 7, the program focuses on refining and expanding the core attitudes, skill set, and knowledge of sales professionals, equipping them with the tools necessary to excel in complex business environments. Participants will engage in rigorous coursework and practical exercises that challenge their capabilities and stretch their boundaries.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on strategic sales and marketing planning, enabling participants to develop comprehensive strategies that align with organizational objectives and drive business growth. They will master advanced techniques for analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes to inform sales strategies.


+150 Countries Recognition

+100 Years Tradition

+40 Competencies

7 Levels

+70,000 Members Worldwide

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Be Part of the First Generation of ISM Level 7 Students in Romania.

  • Operations Management

    Operations Management focuses on the effective planning, coordination, and control of various processes and resources within an organization to deliver products or services efficiently. It involves managing production systems, optimizing workflows, improving productivity, and ensuring quality standards. Operations managers oversee tasks such as inventory management, supply chain logistics, process design, and performance measurement, with the goal of enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Financial Management

    Financial Management entails the strategic planning, monitoring, and control of an organization's financial resources to achieve its financial objectives. It involves managing financial activities such as budgeting, financial analysis, investment decision-making, risk assessment, and capital structure management. Financial managers play a critical role in ensuring the financial health and stability of a company by analyzing financial data, forecasting future financial trends, and making sound financial decisions to optimize profitability and maximize shareholder value.

  • Human Resources Management

    Human Resources Management focuses on the effective management of an organization's workforce. It involves recruiting and selecting suitable candidates, providing employee training and development programs, designing compensation and benefits packages, managing employee relations, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. HR managers also play a key role in fostering a positive work environment, promoting employee engagement and satisfaction, and resolving conflicts to enhance overall organizational performance.

  • Strategic & Marketing Management

    Strategic & Marketing Management involves developing and implementing strategies to achieve organizational goals and create value for customers. Strategic management encompasses analyzing the competitive landscape, identifying growth opportunities, formulating business strategies, and monitoring their implementation. Marketing management focuses on understanding customer needs, developing marketing plans, creating product/service offerings, pricing, promoting, and distributing them effectively. Both areas are crucial for organizations to gain a competitive advantage, build strong brand identities, and deliver value to their target markets.

  • Leadership

    Leadership refers to the ability to inspire, influence, and guide individuals or teams towards achieving common goals. Effective leaders possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, strategic thinking abilities, and the capacity to motivate and empower others. They provide direction, make critical decisions, foster innovation, and create a positive organizational culture. Leadership development programs aim to enhance these skills, enabling individuals to become effective leaders who can drive organizational success and inspire high-performance teams.

  • Data Literacy

    Data Literacy involves the ability to understand, interpret, and effectively use data to inform decision-making and solve complex problems. In today's data-driven world, data literacy is a valuable skill set for professionals across various disciplines. It encompasses skills such as data analysis, data visualization, data interpretation, and data-driven decision-making. Data-literate individuals can gather, evaluate, and communicate insights derived from data, enabling them to make informed decisions, identify patterns and trends, and drive organizational performance and innovation.





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Role play

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All ISM assignments are applied to your business. both on the long and short term.

Some assignments might take months to complete however once done they can be directly implemented as Company Sales Procedures and transforming your potential into results.