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ISM Nivel 6 pentru directori de vânzări

ISM Nivel 6 pentru directori de vânzări

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Marca: ISM
Public: Directori de vânzări, directori naționali de vânzări, CSO
Tip de abilitate: Moale și Tare
Tutore: Multiplu
Experiența tutorelui: +20 de ani de experiență în vânzări
Certificat: Diploma internațională ISM în vânzări strategice
Durată: 1 an
Sesiuni live de grup: 15
Sesiuni live One2One: La cerere, câte sunt necesare

Organizația Salesforce
Gestionarea conturilor majore
Informații despre clienți
Managementul schimbării
Strategia de vanzari si marketing

Perspicacitatea afacerilor
Rezolvarea problemelor complexe
Gândire creativă
Prezența Executivă

Huburi de învățare
Diploma Internationala ISM

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ISM Diploma in Strategic Sales Management (Level 6) develops your core attitudes, skill set and knowledge at this level and extends complex management and leadership skills focusing on areas including sales and marketing planning, competitive strategies and resources management.

It is aimed at experienced sales professionals with roles such as Sales Director, VP Sales, CSO or similar.


+150 Countries Recognition

+100 Years Tradition

+40 Competencies

7 Levels

+70,000 Members Worldwide

As an ISM student, I had the opportunity to attend high-quality classes and meet peers from other industries that are sharing similar areas of interest in business development and sales. I learned about up-to-date tools and strategies that enabled to enhance my individual and my team’s performance. I also had the chance to be introduced to latest marketing tactics learn about design thinking hands-on experience on customer journey mapping and eventually share quality time with my colleagues that created a great teamwork. I appreciate that all materials are very well structured and use real Business life examples that can be immediately applied in daily job. The atmosphere is very engaging and supportive to develop senior associate with high potential as team leaders.

I can particularly recall the concept of dilemma in roundtable workshops well you can share best practices from your own experience or collect others valuable expertise. The weekly sales steep is very welcomed in all sales organizations that I was working with. Lately the online webinars and networking are a good alternative in working remotely and a real benchmark how to motivate and engage virtual teams. Last but not least the mentoring program is a great development tool that give me the chance to learn and master the art of coaching and keen insights from a wide range of business segments. I am glad to be an active member of ISM valuable community!

ISM Level 6 Graduate, Country Manager Romania and Bulgaria, Manufacturing

  • Leadership

    This program aims to provide a practical tool in guiding you to design, communicate and enable your vision at team level. It actually reveals different leadership models as well as modern approaches whilst encouraging you to use the Situational Leadership offering you more flexibility and the team more control and authority.

  • Marketing Strategies

    The aim of this program is to support knowledge, understanding and skills to develop sales and marketing strategies and plans in an organisation to make sure the corporate strategy is enabled.

  • Salesforce Organization & Change Management

    In order to evaluate the issues relating to health and safety, equality and diversity when planning for salesforce structures, procedures and activities improve your current salesforce structure against future requirements

  • Intrapreneurship

    Let’s develop entrepreneurial mindset for faster materialization of opportunities, finding. innovative solutions and encouraging calculate risk taking to deliver better business results.

  • Forecasting & Budgeting

    In order to evaluate the impact of sales forecasting on organizational planning you need to understand the applicability and the usefulness in short, medium and long term the objectives and targets of your organization. This course aim is to provide the knowledge and understanding needed to prepare sales forecasts and budgets.

  • Major Accounts & Customer Insights

    In order to develop mutually beneficial relationships with major customers you should develop methods to get buy-in from senior management and colleagues for major customer management and to evaluate distinctions between transactional selling and major customer management.





Case study


Work in small groups


Role play

Group coaching

Collaborative learning



Small group activities

Virtual Learning Environment 


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All ISM assignments are applied to your business. both on the long and short term.

Some assignments might take months to complete however once done they can be directly implemented as Company Sales Procedures and transforming your potential into results.