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Rezolvarea problemelor complexe și inovația

Rezolvarea problemelor complexe și inovația

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1 Workshop Day
2 Learning Hubs

An understanding of essentials business concepts help you understand your organization’s performance and equip you with the tools needed to spreadhead initiatives. Companies are facing complex problems every day. To manage this issues, large sets of information and know-how are used to define the right solution. Business need employees to question this information and use creativity and fresh perspectives to define the right plan of action. In order to address the challenge or a problem in a creative manner soft skills are essential to find not so obvious solutions:


• Be able to reframe a problem and come up with fresh solutions
• Learn how to generate Potential Solutions
• Find and select the realistic solution
• Understand adopt a variety of complex solving behaviors
• Train your capacity to spot bias elsewhere


• Attention to details
• Drive to change the status co
• Pro-activity
• Active listening


• Simulation
• Guided Journaling
• Collaboration & Practice
• Gamification
• Debriefing

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