Code of Ethics

Communication Code

Effective communication is essential for the success of the Sales Community Romania, powered by the ISM. To ensure that we share reliable sales best practices in a respectful and professional manner, we adhere to the following communication code:

  1. We build relationships with our audience based on trust and mutual respect.

  2. We communicate our points without offending our audience.

  3. We share best practices without creating any prejudice against our current or former employers.

  4. We share real-life stories from our experience, but only with the prior written consent of any individuals or companies mentioned.

  5. All information shared is accurate and up-to-date.

Confidentiality Code

As members of the Sales Community Romania, powered by the ISM, we agree to treat all shared information as strictly confidential and not to use it against the best interests of the person providing it or their employer. We will not disclose any information to any other person or entity not directly affiliated with the community, and will use the information solely for learning purposes.

Community Membership Code

All members of the Community, including ISM graduates, are committed to behaving ethically and lawfully when interacting with clients, colleagues, and other community members. Any individual or company who believes that a member has acted unlawfully or unethically may appeal directly to and/or ISM. We will conduct an investigation and provide written feedback, and if necessary, the member may lose their membership status with both and ISM.

Data Protection Act complies with the European Data Protection Legislation and UK Law (Data Protection Act 1998) to ensure that all personal data is collected, used, and stored safely and lawfully. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of all personal information.


If any individual or sponsoring company within the Community believes that their personal data has been used inappropriately or abused, they have the right to make an appeal directly to and/or ISM. We will address all appeals within 72 hours and provide a return receipt. Please email us at with your specific appeal requirements.

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