Unlocking Successful Partnerships: Customer Focus Forum

Unlocking Successful Partnerships: Customer Focus Forum


At the recent event - Customer Focus Forum - hosted by the Sales Community Romania, industry leaders from OMV Petrom delivered invaluable insights into the world of successful partnerships and key account management strategies.

Let's delve into some of the essential takeaways from the enlightening talks with  Mr. George Apostu, Head of Sales for OMV Central Europe, and Mr. Fabian Wedam, Controlling Director of OMV Petrom Group.

  1. Unveiling Future Industry Trends: Creating Contingency Through Synergistic Partnerships

During the event, Mr. George Apostu and Mr. Fabian Wedam shared the significance of identifying future trends in a client's industry and crafting partnerships that go beyond being merely differentiators. They emphasized becoming essential and reliable partners to the clients' growth trajectory.

For example they discovered that an aviation company aspired to pioneer sustainable fuel, ahead of other airlines. George and Fabian took on the challenge of making the necessary investments and building synergistic partnerships to become the supplier of choice, aligning their goals with the aviation company's vision.

  1. Stakeholder Mapping: Crafting Interactions for Project Success

Mr. Fabian Wedam highlighted the importance of stakeholder mapping during the event. He emphasized creating a comprehensive plan to interact with various departments within the client's organization, extracting valuable insights from both promoters and detractors. Identifying project ambassadors and nurturing relationships beyond the office environment were crucial steps for success.

  1. The Art of Negotiation: From Low Consciousness/ Low Competence to Fully Conscious & Competent

The event featured valuable insights from George and Fabian's participation in an intensive negotiation course led by one of the world's foremost experts in the field. During the course, they honed the art of crafting intricate offers, analyzing value propositions, and discerning when to make concessions and when to stand firm. The importance of fostering positive emotions throughout negotiations and practicing emotional intelligence with both their own feelings and those of their partners was also emphasized.

  1. Vision and Resilience: Unwavering Belief in Achieving Goals

Mr. George Apostu and Mr. Fabian Wedam shared a powerful lesson on having a clear vision and unwavering faith in achieving contract closure, regardless of the obstacles faced. They demonstrated a constructive attitude during challenging negotiations, ultimately succeeding by presenting a plethora of variables and continuously seeking mutual concessions.

The event provided an exceptional opportunity to learn from industry veterans, gaining valuable insights into the world of successful key account management and partnership building.

As Sales Community Romania continues to bring together industry leaders and professionals, the future holds even more promising opportunities for growth and learning.


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