Mentoring Program - Meet the Teams

Mentoring Program - Meet the Teams

Strategic mentorship stands out as a cornerstone for success.

Now, we are pleased to present the teams ready to embark on a transformative six-month mentorship program.

Meet the Teams:

  1. Team Alexandra Popescu – Zorica:

    • Mentor: Alexandra Popescu – Zorica, Chief Growth Officer at Atlas
    • Mentee: Alina Ghetu, Customer Experience Executive & Future Business Skills Facilitator at Salestrust

  2. Team Vlad Stanescu:

    • Mentor: Vlad Stanescu, Customer Success Partner Manager - SAP Central and Eastern Europe
    • Mentee: Ecaterina Dinulescu, Callmyartist Founder

  3. Team George Apostu:

    • Mentor: George Apostu, Head of Industrial Sales Central at OMV
    • Mentee: Narcis Arjoca, Corporate Account Manager at Pluxee Romania

  4. Team Sorin Draghici:

    • Mentor: Sorin Draghici, Commercial Director GTS Telecom
    • Mentee: Nicolae Ciobanu, Managing Partner - Head of Advisory at Fortim

  5. Team Cristian Sfetcu:

    • Mentor: Cristian Sfetcu, Director, CSM & Sales - eCommerce and Payments, UK, Ireland & Nordics, Verifone
    • Mentee: Teodor Lia, Freelancer – Marketing Consultant

  6. Team Daniel Slavenie:

    • Mentor: Daniel Slavenie, CEO & Partner at Limitless Agency
    • Mentee: Sandra Costea, Marketing & Special Projects Manager at SalesTrust

  7. Team Stefan Stavrositu:

    • Mentor: Stefan Stavrositu, CEO at BCR Asigurari de Viata
    • Mentee: Ciprian Patrascu, Agency Manager at Groupama Asigurari Romania

  8. Team Madalina Vechiu:

    • Mentor: Madalina Vechiu, MD at
    • Mentee: Alina Marga, Sales Manager at ADC Blackfire Entertainment S.R.L.

  9. Team Titus Olteanu:

    • Mentor: Titus Olteanu, Country Manager at Hach
    • Mentee: Oana Horvat, Senior Account Manager, Printec Group

  10. Team Gratiela Dumitrescu:

    • Mentor: Gratiela Dumitrescu, B2B Sales Mentor & Coach
    • Mentee: Alina Romascu, Project Director at COS

  11. Team Octavian Brezoi:

    • Mentor: Octavian Brezoi, Head of Sales EMEA & Asia, Verifone
    • Mentee: Corina Maria, Business Development Manager at ACO

  12. Team Cosmin Nastasa:

    • Mentor: Cosmin Nastasa, Founder & CEO at Data Revolt Agency
    • Mentee: Cristian Sfetcu, Director, CSM & Sales - eCommerce and Payments, UK, Ireland & Nordics, Verifone

A Collective Commitment to Excellence:

This mentorship program symbolizes more than just structured alliances; it signifies a collective pledge to success. It is a dynamic platform where knowledge converges, professional bonds are forged, and each stride contributes to our journey of achieving unparalleled professional excellence.

Witness this extraordinary chapter unfold, filled with shared triumphs and growth that lie ahead.

See you in 6 months!

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