Fostering Growth & Building Trust: Leadership Reflections by the Lake

Fostering Growth & Building Trust: Leadership Reflections by the Lake

Leadership is a dynamic journey that requires constant self-assessment and adaptability. Recently, at the event "Leadership Reflections by the Lake" led by Mr. Titus Olteanu we had the privilege of hearing inspiring perspectives from a group of exceptional leaders. Their experiences have shaped their unique leadership styles, emphasizing the importance of team building, tailoring approaches, fostering trust, embracing authenticity, and nurturing personal growth. In this article, we bring you the wisdom and passion of these individuals who have embraced the power of leadership.

No matter what preconceptions we may hold, there is always something to learn from our team. Throughout my journey of growing a team from ground zero to 200 strong, I discovered a profound passion: the art of building teams. As a leader, I humbly recognize that the process of team building is a perpetual learning experience, one that enriches not only our professional lives but also our personal growth. - Tatiana Pascale, EMEA SDM Manager (DMM), Microsoft

Adapting one's leadership style is paramount when working with different individuals and teams. By recognizing and embracing this diversity, I have learned to tailor my leadership style to meet the specific needs of those I work with. Flexibility and a willingness to understand individual motivations, communication preferences, and working styles allow for more effective leadership. - Alina Marga, Sales Manager, ADC Blackfire Entertainment

Leadership transcends titles and positions. As I work directly with our customers, I strive to embody leadership by inspiring my peers, fostering collaboration, and delivering exceptional service. Leadership begins with a mindset, and I choose to lead from where I am, trying to make a difference every day. - Corina Maria, Business Development Manager, ACO

I would like to add an important aspect: building trust within your teams. It is crucial for your team members to trust you to such an extent that they feel comfortable providing honest evaluations during assessment meetings. When they genuinely evaluate you in a real and accurate manner, it opens up a valuable opportunity for self-reflection. Through their feedback, you can gain profound insights about yourself as a leader and better understand your strengths and areas for improvement. This self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal growth and allows you to continually refine and evolve your leadership style. By fostering an environment of trust and mutual evaluation, we create a space for open dialogue and continuous learning, benefiting both the team and the leader. - Adriana Duncea, Partner at Duncea, Stefanescu & Associates Law Firm

In the realm of business, leadership takes on many forms. As an entrepreneur, I embody a leadership style that revolves around being a person of the people. With a strong sense of responsibility, I prioritize providing accurate information and valuable resources to those I serve. I actively seek out the strengths within my teams and create an environment that nurtures their growth. By fostering close-knit connections among team members, I unlock a powerful tool for motivation. My leadership approach is rooted in genuine empowerment, aimed at creating collective success. - Oksana Rusu, HR Artist and Owner Talent Reserve

Leadership has been a conscious practice for me ever since my days as the captain of my high school volleyball team. Over the years, I have led teams in various settings - from my previous job to now being a partner in my own business. Through these experiences, one valuable lesson stands out: the importance of being close to your people. By establishing genuine connections and actively listening to their needs, you might discovere what truly motivates them. And in this journey, I have learned to completely let go of the urge to micromanage. Trusting your team and empowering them to take ownership of their work leads to remarkable growth and success. So, my advice to fellow leaders is simple: be present, listen intently, and liberate your team from the confines of micromanagement. Embrace a leadership style that fosters trust, autonomy, and collaboration, and watch your team thrive. - Nicolae Ciobanu, Managing Partner - Head of Advisory at FORTIM Trusted Advisors

I have gained invaluable insights from my experiences, allowing me to shape my own unique leadership style. By reflecting on various approaches, I have discovered the leader I aspire to be, steering clear of directionless efforts and a lack of initiative. Instead, my focus is on embodying authenticity as a core aspect of my leadership. Authentic leadership centers around remaining true to oneself, fostering transparency, and leading with unwavering integrity. Nurturing open communication, trust, and meaningful connections with my team, I strive to cultivate an environment where everyone feels empowered and inspired. - Relu Tataru, Managing Director at ACO

With just 5 years of leadership experience, I consider myself to be at the beginning of this Leadership journey. Managing a young team comprised of my former colleagues has presented its own set of challenges, requiring a delicate transition into a leadership role. In an organization where other teams are more seasoned, I've had to carve out my own unique style of leadership. To inspire growth and foster teamwork, I've employed simple yet effective strategies like incorporating games into our interactions. By switching our focus to embrace objectives from bottom to top, we have unleashed a newfound energy within the team. Balancing freedom and closeness, I empower my team members to thrive while building strong connections with each of them. - Ciprian Patrascu, Agency Manager at Groupama Asigurari Romania

Throughout my 20 years experience, I have had the opportunity to work with diverse teams, encompassing individuals with varying personalities, backgrounds, and skillsets. Amidst this diverse range of interactions, I have discovered that adaptability and understanding the intricacies of people's minds hold paramount importance. Whether managing sales professionals or technical experts, I have found that being natural and adaptable is the key to success. Embracing authenticity and effortlessly adjusting to different contexts, I have witnessed the transformative power of building genuine connections and fostering trust.- Cornel Fratica, Chief Operating Officer at Metaventis

Recently, I embarked on a journey of self-assessment, evaluating my leadership styles and their impact on my team. Recognizing my inclination to take the lead and initiate action, I have embraced a newfound understanding of diverse leadership approaches. I now strive to apply these styles accordingly, tailoring them to each team member's unique needs. I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. It is a continuous process of assessment and adaptation, both in our professional and personal lives. By being open to change and regularly assessing what works best for the present moment, we foster growth and create an environment where everyone can thrive. As a leader, I am committed to this ongoing journey of self-improvement and unlocking the full potential of both myself and my team. - Mihaela Tomescu, Training Programs Coordinator at the Adecco Group 

We at the Sales Community Romania, powered by the ISM had the pleasure to host this event thanks to the guidance and insights shared by Mr. Titus Olteanu, Country Manager at Hach. To round up the reflections shared by the lake, this is what our Leadership facilitator had to say:

Personal connections and face-to-face learning were the most valuable aspects of the event for me. Coming together with mentors and mentees from our local Sales Trust community allowed us to share experiences and best practices directly. It was truly inspiring to witness how the hands-on tools provided during the ISM Leadership training module were appreciated and effectively implemented in participants' daily business practices.

Throughout the event, all attendees actively contributed by sharing real-life examples of leading peers in projects and managing direct reports across teams of varying sizes. We gained valuable insights into the challenges of resource management in diverse sectors, ranging from IT, real estate, and HR services to commodities and the children's toy industry.

Irrespective of one's development level, leaders consistently face fluctuations in competences, motivation, engagement, and the willingness to contribute to their personal and team development. It became evident that flexibility is crucial in identifying and adapting the right leadership style (L), which can range from directive and coaching to supporting and delegating, based on the individual's developmental needs (D).

The session's key takeaway was that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in leadership. Instead, we concluded that "different strokes for different folks" is essential, especially when engaging in crucial conversations. The parallels between leadership and sales became apparent, as both processes rely on building trust and establishing genuine partnerships. – Mr. Titus Olteanu, Country Manager Hach, Leadership Tutor


Thank you all for a remarkable gathering that showcased the power of face-to-face learning and personal connections.


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